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      2016. Welcome to Hidush Insurance Group who is now celebrating 59 years of professional insurance activity. The Israel Bar Association chose Migdal Insurance Company Ltd as the only appointed Insurer for Professional Indemnity Policies for Israeli lawyers. During the last 26 years, including through 2016, - Hidush & Meroz are the only Insurance brokers to handle the above program with Migdal . Dear Lawyer- Please call 03-6246464




Hidush Insurance Agencies LTD.


The insurance activities of the Hidush group started about Fifty (50) years ago through Shani Insurance Agencies Ltd. (which became a property company many years ago) and in the framework of the insurance activities of Mrs. Leah Shani, the founder of the group.

Hidush Insurance Agencies Ltd., a former member of the Israeli Phoenix Assurance Group was founded more than thirty-one (31) years ago by The late Mr. David Hakhmi, the founder and principal shareholder at that time of the Israeli Phoenix Group and by Advocate Aaron Shani who at that time, was a senior manager
at the Phoenix.


Re-Insurance and International Brokerage Activities

  Hidush Insurance Agencies Limited is a consultant of international brokers out of israel

Authorized Underwriter

Hidush is licensed by the Israel Commissioner for Insurance to deal with all branches and spheres of insurance.

Hidush acts as an underwriter for a number of Israeli Insurance Companies, and inter alia, works on a current basis with the Israel Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd., the Clal Insurance Group Ltd., Eliahu Insurance Company Ltd., Harel Insurance Group Ltd., Ayalon Insurance Co. Ltd., Shirbit Insurance Co Ltd., AIG Insurance Co Ltd., etc.

The activities of Hidush Insurance Agencies LTD

  The activities of Hidush Insurance Agencies Ltd. and Izun Insurance Agencies Ltd. which is associated with it (hereinafter: "Hidush") are spread across all the insurance branches, including Non-Marine insurance (all branches of General Insurance)Marine insurance, Life and Health Insurance and also, in the Insurance Consultant sphere.  

Complex insurance policies

For many years Hidush has handled complex insurance policies of institutional bodies and business companies such as Project Insurance, Heavy Equipment, Railways (Rolling Stock), Piers and Jetties, Erection/Contractors, Mechanical Breakdown, Electronic Equipment, Fidelity, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers Liability (D&O), Banking (BBB) Insurance, Employer's Liability, Third Party, Safes, Goods in Transit, Hull & Machinery (including Tugs), Personal Accidents, particularly large fleets of Motor Vehicles, Apartments, all kind of Businesses, Life Insurance, Health, Risk, etc. including special, exceptional insurance and Miscellaneous.

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