Hidush Insurance Group was founded some 60 years ago by
Mrs. Lea Shani.  The Insurance activity of the group started through Shani Insurance Agencies Ltd (which, many years ago, became a real-estate company and changed it's name to: Shani Assets Ltd

Hidush Insurance Agencies Ltd, a former "daughter company" of the Israel Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd was formally founded in 1974 by the late Mr. David Chakhmi, the founder and the principal shareholder, at that time, of the Israel Phoenix Group and by Advocate, Mr. Aaron Shani who, at that time, was a senior manager at the Phoenix.  Since the foundation of Hidush Insurance Agencies Ltd and through 2002, the company was owned 50%-50% by the Phoenix Group and by Mr. Aaron Shani.  Currently, Hidush is 100% privately owned by the  Shani Family and headed by Advocate Mr. Shaked Shani who serves as the CEO of the company

Notwithstanding its obvious connection with the Phoenix, Hidush work also in association with many varied local insurance companies (not belonging to the Phoenix Group) whom it has been representing as an authorized underwriter for many many years


Hidush is fully licensed by the Israel Commissioner for Insurance to deal with all branches and spheres of insurance, but it is mainly active in General Insurance and in Marine Insurance

Izun Insurance Agency Ltd  is  also owned by the Shani Family . Izun's is mainly active in Life Insurance, Pensions and Health Insurance

Hidush hold a Foreign Insurers License, issued by the Israel Commissioner for Insurance, to deal, in Israel, as an authorized representative of Lloyd's of London.  In this instance, Hidush is a licensed Lloyd's  Correspondent in the following six branches

Employer's Liability Insurance
Goods in Transit Insurance
Third party Liability Insurance
Property Insurance,
Products Liability,
Foreign Trade Risk Insurance


Hidush is also an approved Lloyd's "Open Market correspondent"


For decades, Hidush acts as an authorized underwriter for a number of Israeli Insurance Companies, and inter alia, work on a current day-to-day basis with the Phoenix Insurance Co. Ltd., Clal Insurance Group Ltd., Migdal Insurance Company etc, Harel Insurance Group Ltd., Menorha Insurance Group Ltd,   Ayalon Insurance Co. Ltd.,  AIG Insurance Co Ltd and others

Hidush is active as an Insurance Retail Broker and  as an Insurance Wholesale Broker

Additionally, Hidush is active as a Re-Insurance Broker


"Hidush" is  a correspondant broker for of many Internatinal brokers, such as:
"Gallagher", "THB"  (The AmWINS group), The Funk Group, GUEST KRIEGER  and also with other international brokers.

"Hidush-Meroz":  Since 1990, a separate segment of Hidush (jointly with Meroz Insurance Agency Ltd) concentrates, on handling the professional insurance of the Legal Fraternity in Israel and mainly deals with the field of Professional Indemnity for Israeli lawyers.  Said activity is being practiced in accordance and subject to an agreement with the Israeli Bar Association.  It is worth mentioning that during the last  decades, Hidush handled more than 350,000 Professional Indemnity policies for Israeli Advocates.

Hidush activity in connection with "Special Travel Insurance":
Hidush handles, exclusively, (during the last decades  Travel Insurance for thousands of Cancer patients who travel out of Israel. Said activity is sponsored by The Israel Cancer Association.

Izun Insurance Agencies Ltd: Izun is also 100% privately owned by the Shani family. The company is headed by Mrs. Lea Shani.  Izun is licensed by the Israel Commissioner for Insurance to deal, both, in  General Insurance and in Life insurance, but, during the last  decades "Izun" is mainly active in Life & Health Insurance

During the last 6 decades , 'Hidush Insurance Group" is considered as one of the most professional, well known  and experienced Israeli Insurance Broker / Expert mainly and especially in connection with complicated,  tailor-made

policies for major Israeli clients / entities


A short partial list of the accounts/ bodies insured through / via Hidush Insurance Group


Israel Electric Corporation
Israel Port Authority (former)
Haifa Port Ltd
Ashdod Port Ltd
Eilat Port Ltd

Israel Ports Development &Assets Company Ltd

Israel Railways
Israel Postal Authority+ Postal Bank + The Philatelic Service (former)
Israel Military Industries Ltd. (TAAS)

IMI Systems Ltd
The Ministry of Religion
The Late Pope (The late Pope's  visit Israel )
Israel Bar Association and thousands of its members
Employees of the Jewish Agency
Israel Cancer Association and its employees
The Cotton Production and Marketing Board
Isurad Ltd
Employees of Maman ( Ben Gurion Cargo Terminal)
IDE Israel Desalination Co.
Cooperative Settlements

Major Infrastructure/Construction companies  
Han-Padron Associated Ltd
Jacob Jacobi & Sons Ltd
Gucci (Israel)
G. Wilifood group, G. Wili-Food International Ltd
Geocartography Institute For Analysis Ltd
Vayer Group Ltd
Diamdel Israel Ltd (local representatives of De Beers)
Segal Winery
Vendome (Local representative of Boss, Versace, Armani, Nike)
Midroog Ltd (local representative of Moodys)
Singer & Even - Business Consulting.

Phoenix Insurance Co Ltd (re-insurance activity)

Clal Insurance Co Ltd. (re-insurance activity)